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Gemstone Burst Stud Earrings
Gemstone Burst Stud Earrings
Gemstone Burst Stud Earrings

Gemstone Burst Stud Earrings

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Rainbow moonstone or Turquoise gemstones bezel set on sterling silver hand-stamped disc. Gems measure approx 5mm, disc approx 9mm. Set on sterling studs, with sterling earring nuts for secure wear.  All hand fabricated.

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About the Stones: ♡ Kingsman Turquoise: Mined from one of the World's oldest and largest mines in the world, tucked in the Acerbate Mountains in Arizona. It is said to be the "original turquoise mine," where prehistoric Native Americans mined this particular variety of turquoise over a thousand years ago. This stone is one of protection, wisdom and health. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones in our history. This is a powerful and beautiful stone of protection. It was a popular stone in history for warriors, and suitable for the warriors of today-- facing our everyday battles and coming out stronger.

♡ Rainbow Moonstone: While this stone has many properties, a major one is its connection to new beginnings, intuition, trusting your divine inner wisdom. Associated with our inner goddess, moonstone is a symbol of fertility, sensuality, and empowering visualization. Like the moonlight, one can be inspired and enchanted by its simple, mysterious, pure glow.  The moonstone crystal properties are deeply rooted in ancient philosophies, and has an obvious connection with the moon itself. Connected with the divine feminine principle, it is considered one symbol of love, spirit, and intuition.