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How It's Made Matters

Each piece is hand-fabricated by me in my home studio. Starting with sheet, wire, and stone, it has become a sort of meditation for me in transforming thoughts and experiences, into designs, into components, into completed pieces of wearable art.  Plus, it gives me an excuse to play with rocks, which I love!

I am greatly inspired by nature & the human experience, and how these two interact.  How we evolve and grow together.  How we can feel both new and ancient in our experience.  How the peace we can find in the forest, we can also find within ourselves if we seek it. How nature always knows what to do, how to grow, how to heal, while balancing the calm and chaos. And recognizing we too are part of that nature. This reveals how interconnected we all really are, with each other and the natural world that surrounds and sustains us.