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The Story

♡ Meet the Maker ♡

Welcome to my little corner of the web, where it’s a 1-woman show, y’all!  My name is Heather, born and raised in South Louisiana, and am a mostly-self-taught metalsmith. I create small batch, one of a kind pieces, and each one is steeped in thought and intention. Some other things that bring joy and inspiration is nature, hiking, yoga, animals, coffee, and lots of little things.

Whether it's jewelry, music, photography, or artwork, creating is one way for me to express the beauty found in our world, and a healing therapy for me. 
I began focusing on jewelry more once I returned to the US in 2013 after living overseas. I would mostly make wire-wrapped earrings, but I wanted to dive deeper. So I completed a fundamentals of Metalsmithing course in Oregon in 2016, and that changed everything.  I love gemstones, crystals, and rocks, and about a year after completing my fundamentals course, I taught myself how to combine metal with stone into one of a kind pieces that represent the beauty and strength of those who wear it. I never intended to turn this into a business, but after enough signs, I opened Cocoro Studios in January 2018.


About the Name:

I've adapted the traditional spelling of a "ko" to a "co" as my shop started in Colorado (CO), which holds a special place in my heart.
♡ ♡ ♡
Cocoro : [ kokoro ; 心 ]
 A Japanese word that conceptually unites the heart, mind, soul, + spirit as indivisible from one another.  It's a notion that these are not separate, they are one. Each united, and creating a complex fabric within ourselves, which cannot be seen physically, but felt and experienced. Our core. Connected.

This is a word I discovered in 2012 while living in Japan. The moment I heard it (through my Japanese student telling me about her dog named "kokoro", and explaining to me the meaning behind it), I got warm feels, tingly bones, and my own cocoro skipped a beat, resonating deeply with this concept. I had learned a new word to express what I followed each day, what I put into the work I do, and hope to share with others.

At the time, my then-partner and I were planning to open our own business: a coffee/tea shop and gathering place for creativity and community. When I heard the word “Cocoro,” I knew that was to be its name- “Cocoro Cafe.” Life had curve balls and trials and changes, and this dream never came to fruition. He long-battled with his mental health, which deeply affected his well-being, our marriage, and ultimately his life.  Shortly after our divorce, he died by suicide.

My life and future as I knew it had fallen apart; I didn't know how to process the grief, and eventually, I started creating again as a way to awaken more life and joy.  Empowering myself to grow from the destruction through creation. When I was searching for a name for my business, cocoro came back to me. It felt right. It was in some way honoring an old dream, while giving it a new and different life: a rebirth; a foundation of creation with which I would rebuild my life, heal, grow in the process, and share with other souls out there-- the warriors, healers, and lovers-- that you too are strong, loved, resilient, and empowered.

♡ Welcome! And Enjoy! Cocoro Studios! ♡

. heart . mind . soul .
♡ Live your Cocoro ♡


Heather Marie