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♡ To hand-fabricate high quality, well-made, one of a kind pieces, while delivering exceptional customer service to my kindred cocoros
♡ To create pieces from the heart.mind.soul that speak to your own-- adornments that remind you of your own beauty and strength, imbued with intention
♡ To inspire and promote empowerment, healing, and love towards your own self, and then outwards towards others
♡ To deepen our connection with nature, spirit, our own inner wisdom, and our community

This mission is upheld with the vision to:
Continue to grow stronger & believe in oneself, live and work with integrity, promote ethical sources and practices, and rise by lifting others up.  Each one of you is another heart.mind.soul that I'm honored to serve and grow with. These pieces will remain a reminder that you are a beautiful, strong, resilient, healing, whole, and growing human.  You're right where you need to be, and you are not alone on this journey.
heart . mind . soul
♡ Live you Cocoro ♡