Light of Labradorite Power Ring

Light of Labradorite Power Ring

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~Teardrop cut labradorite featuring a blend of colors in its vibrant flash- blue, purple, orange, yellow, all shifting with the light. Finished in sterling silver, fine silver, and double split shank in size 8.~


All hand fabricated & made with love.

♡ Truly one of a kind, just like you ♡

About the Stone:

Labradorite:  While some stones encourage us to ground down to the Earth, this stone is one of the celestial stars, luminescent skies, icy clouds and dreaming big.  A stone of magic, intuition, and spiritual connection, it helps awaken a deeper consciousness and opening of infinite possibilities. Keep dreaming and aim high!  It is said the Inuits of Canada believed this stone was created from "frozen fire", a result of the northern lights-- our Aurora Borealis-- and one can certainly find these shimmering lights and flashes within this stone.

heart. mind. soul.

Live your Cocoro.

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